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MTG Proxies

MTG Proxies allows you to proxy Magic: The Gathering cards to use for your decks. This can can be helpful to create cheap tokens for official Magic: The Gathering matches. You can also create proxies for your expensive cards that you want to play with in EDH (Commander) games with your friends.

Search for tokens, emblems, or any other type of card that you would like to make a proxy for and add it to your print list. When you've found all of the cards you would like to proxy, click the Print button. Once the PDF is downloaded, print out the cards. Then you can cut the cards out, place them in sleeves in front of common cards (lands or something), and then play with them. They'll feel like the real cards in your hand. 👍

mtg proxies screenshot 1
mtg proxies screenshot 2
mtg proxies screenshot 2
mtg proxies screenshot 3