I'm a web developer building websites and applications at SKYCATCHFIRE. I live in North Canton with my beautiful girlfriend Haley, my playful cat Ava, and my tiny kitten Lily. I'm a Zach of all trades and I'm always trying to learn more about myself and everything else.


Web Projects

  • Bootstrap Grid Overlay Chrome Extension

    Quickly toggle a Bootstrap Grid Overlay that automatically uses your application's styles to determine how it looks.
  • Campaign Journal

    Campaign Journal let's keep track of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.
  • Ditcher

    An app to help you quit bad habits.
  • Fire - A Drupal 8 Theme

    Fire is a custom Drupal 8 starter theme that we use at SKYCATCHFIRE as a base for all our new Drupal 8 websites and web applications.
  • MTG Proxies

    MTG Proxies allows you to proxy Magic: The Gathering tokens to use for your decks.
  • Pomodoro Timer

    A simple pomodoro timer application that allows a user to keep track of 30 minute intervals.
  • 😐 Straight Faced

    Keep a straight face or drink!
  • Tally Mark Tracker

    Track your push-ups, squats, pull-ups, or anything with this simple tracking app!
  • Unofficial Tesla News

    Unofficial Tesla News was built at SKYCATCHFIRE to aggregate articles and videos from the most popular websites and YouTube channels.
  • Wolfram Elementary Cellular Automaton

    The user is able to select how many generations the simulation will run for and which ruleset to follow from a pre-established set of rulesets.