Zach Minner

How to convince your coworkers to use Gitmoji

What is Gitmoji?

Gitmoji is pretty dope. Put simply, it's a standard for using emojis in your commit messages.

Removed a file or a leftover console.log? Add a 🔥 emoji to the beginning of your commit message. Fixed a layout bug in Safari? Add a 🐛 emoji. Added some sweet styles for that new Copy with Media component? Add a 💄 emoji.

So easy. So effective. Another developer can review your pull request and gain a lot of context just by scanning your commit messages before diving deeper.

Gitmoji example commits

The Steps

  1. Start using Gitmoji yourself. Add an emoji to the beginning of each of your commits. You gotta set a good example and use it in every commit. Don't mess this up!
  2. Make sure you send a link to Gitmoji in Slack a few times as a subtle hint to your coworkers. Make sure to link them to Gitmoji's website
  3. Say good things about it so your coworkers feel like they're missing out.
  4. Tell newer developers that this is the way to do things where you work. Get them using emojis. Get them on your side. They are easy to influence.
  5. Bribe a coworker. A small bribe can go a long way to nudge the progress forward here. Don't be afraid to buy someone a beer 🍻 if they'll try out Gitmoji.
  6. Just wait a little bit. Things will fall into place. Be patient.
  7. After a few days, the whole office will be using it. Nice work. 👍

Making Things Easier

Get Gitmoji for VS Code and use it. You're welcome.